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SAIC Motor is currently the largest auto group in China, the main business of which consists of Vehicles, Components, Mobility and service,Financial Service and Global Operation. The Group went public as a whole in 2011 with an asset securitization rate of 99.34% and has become the largest auto group on China's A-share market since then.

The Sales Volume of SAIC Motor in 2005-2018

Performance of SAIC Motor in 2018

SAIC Motor has dominated the auto market in China since 2006. SAIC Motor achieved a sales volume of 7.05 million in 2018, increasing by 1.75%,and occupied 24.1% of the market in China.
2018 YoY Growth
Sales Volume (10 thousand Units) 705 1.75%
Revenue (100 million RMB) 9022 3.62%
Net Profit (100 million RMB) 360 4.65%

Operating Profile——Fortune 500

SAIC Motor made its 15th appearance on Fortune Global 500 in July 2019, ranking 39th with a revenue of $136.4 billion. Meanwhile, SAIC Motor ranked 7th in the global auto industry, as a Chinese leading enterprise.