International operations

A key development strategy of SAIC Motor is international expansion intended to improve global operations and integration of resources.

Having established overseas bases in Thailand, Indonesia and England, the group is now establishing a fourth in India. SAIC Motor also operates 12 marketing service centers in the Middle East, South America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as 500 overseas outlets. The group continues to explore innovative business models for the global market, growing SAIC brands into core market leaders, providing differentiated products and more choices to local residents, developing mutually beneficial opportunities for partners, and creating more social and economic value for local communities.

SAIC Motor adopts various development concepts in order to explore global markets based on market environment, industrial policies and customer demands. In mature markets, it employs innovative business models, meeting customer demand for green travel and smart internet-connected vehicles. Emerging markets see SAIC providing differentiated brands and products along with maintenance and financial services tailored to changing market trends and customer demand.